Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update your bookmarks

Sibel Edmonds has a new blog up and running, 123 Real Change. Congratulations.

The first post is an introduction to the blog, the second post updates and clarifies some points from the recent op-ed, In Congress We Trust…Not. Sibel writes:
"There are those who argued that it wasn’t fair to ‘write off’ President Obama’s change so soon, about 100 days or so into his presidency.

I understand their point, and I must say I envy their purity and optimism, but I differ. In fact, I can turn that ‘only 100 days’ logic and make the opposite point. If in a hundred days, give or take, he’s done so much to either continue (stay) or expand upon the previous administration’s abuses, how much more damage is he going to do in ‘(4 X 365)-100’ days?! I am talking about Obama not only continuing but actually expanding upon the State Secrets Privilege to gag and bury information; completely forgoing accountability on torture - first starting with the torturers, then the previous White House cabal, and now extending it to those who drafted it; sustaining the illegal NSA wiretapping; deciding to bring back the Bush style military commission…just don’t get me started on this. Currently I am working on my next piece, exactly on this particular point, so, more on this, soon."

The third and most recent post, Dissecting the US Mainstream Media, lists 6 of "the usual theories we hear out there on the mainstream media’s current state," and Sibel is asking for reader contributions/comments as to which mix of those theories describes the problems with the corporate media. In the coming days Sibel will publish a multi-part essay on the problems with the media and wants to incorporate some thoughts from her readers.

Sibel is a great writer, and has lots of experience with the dysfunctionality of Congress, the Executive Branch, the Judiciary and the media. I'm sure that 123 Real Change will be a great blog.

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