Friday, May 15, 2009

Turning the tables on the mainstream media

Rob Kall interviewed Sibel on Wednesday - the transcript is here.

Sibel predicts that there will be a 'warzone' at her new blog next week, with many of her team of whistleblowers exposing journalists in the mainstream media. Apparently the plan is to 'out' journalists and media establishments by saying 'Whistleblower X went to Journalist Y and told them ABC, and gave them documents DEF and the reporters did ZERO.' Or as Sibel says in the interview:
"Well, this is going to be a pretty interesting thing. You're going to find out in two days - so that's something to look forward to, because, in a way, us, the whistleblowers, are going to turn the table on the mainstream media.

In fact, to say the 'mainstream media is the culprit' in a way let's them off the hook, because it's just a general term, like saying 'congress' but when you start going individually after individuals, or individual papers with specific cases it becomes a different story... These are the things we are going to put on my blog, and I'm going to hit them. Name, paper, incident, cases."
Sibel asks that you be ready to support her, and the other whistleblowers, at her blog, when these stories start hitting the fan - perhaps on Friday, or on Monday. Sibel has hinted at doing something like this for a couple of years. I'll let you know when the battle begins.

I recommend that you read the 'entire' partial (!) transcript here (please note that I've only selected elements that are somewhat new, or at least interesting to those who have followed Sibel's case extensively). For example, I think this is the first time that Sibel has mentioned two things:
"Well, the fact that (Hastert) was receiving suitcases full of cash from certain Turkish organizations, to do certain things in Congress, and in the Senate (?) for them, and that some of his activities involved, actually, narcotics in Chicago."
These have been reported elsewhere, of course - but it is interesting to see Sibel mention them herself.

Sibel also states, for the second time, that although the financing of Hastert and Livingston and others appears to come from the Govt of Turkey, it is actually coming from "certain Turkish entities that are engaged in certain international activities, some of them legal, some of them illegal."


Anonymous said...

Lukery, I just discovered your blog, only to discover, through it, Sibel's blog. I'm very glad to find these.

I read Dailykos a lot and wondered where you'd gone.

I'll be checking in quite frequently. Keep it up!

lukery said...

Anon - thanks. Sibel has lots of good stuff at her blog.