Monday, May 25, 2009

Cowboy words in a lawyer's voice.

Sibel has a new post up at her blog, Two Sides of the Same Coin... Heads-Heads, about Obama's positions on the State Secret Privilege, warrantless wiretapping, accountability on torture, the military commissions and the war in Afghanistan.

Sibel's post ends thusly:
What I want the readers to do is to read the extremely important cases above, step back in time to those un-ending campaign trail days, and answer the following questions:

How would Senator McCain have acted on these same issues if he had been elected? How would Senator Hilary Clinton? Do you believe there would have been any major differences? Weren't their records almost identical to Senator Obama's on these issues? If you are like me, and answer 'same,' 'same,' 'no,' and 'yes,' then, why do you think we ended up with these exact same candidates, those deemed 'viable' and sold to us as such?

With too much at stake, too many unfinished agendas for the course of our nation, and too many skeletons in the closet in need of hiding for self-preservation, the 'permanent establishment' made certain that they took no risk by giving the public, via their MSM tentacles, a coin that no matter how many times flipped would come up the same - Heads, Heads.
The Daily Show touched on this on Friday. Regarding Obama's mimicking of Bush's actions (and rhetoric), Jon Stewart says
"Obama has got a good trick: the trick is to use cowboy words in a lawyer's voice"
Check out 2.00 to 3.00 in this video

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