Friday, May 1, 2009

Bashir Noorzai

I've written, but never published, a number of articles about Bashir Noorzai. He was sentenced today to life in prison.

Here is a 2007 article about him in Time.

Here is an article from today about his conviction.


Anonymous said...

I havent read your article yet, but this is what I was told.

Bashir Noorzai is one of the brothers heading the largest tribe in Afganistan. One of his other brothers may be a CIA stooge..

Bashir Noorzai was tricked into coming to the United States, he was told he would receive an award from then president Bush. He was wined and dined at an expensive hotel for two weeks and then at the direction of the head of the DEA, handcuffs were snapped on him.

He was the man responsible for bringing to the allied forces in Afganistan trucks filled with their most feared weapon - Stinger Missiles...

The operation to get him to come to the us was assisted by a shadowy entity known as Rosetta. There are pictures and signed receipts for hookers and cash paid to a Pakistani diplomat, and a Land Rover as a gift... yes there were even signed receipts for "blowjobs"...yes, you read that right, blowjobs...and yes, the pakistani diplomat would count as "bribery of a Foreign government Official... a felony..FCPA The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

When the Judge started asking too many questions the feds changed their prosecutors 3 times, each time switching to a younger and less saavy prosecutor who would not have to lie to evade the judicial questioning in chambers.

When Noorzai was arrested he was placed in a cell without windows so he could not face East to pray towards Mecca.

This is now the BIG WIN for the head of US DEA...and may have been the factor (the timing was the same) that creating the "Surge" against allied troops by infuriating the largest clan in Afganistan.

A clan of green eyed mountain men...who grow the only crop that will grow on that arid wasteland...

All by violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

A NY Post article 10 months ago or so was written by a guy who was under indictment by the Feds for something else. So he may have slanted his article as directed.

The real criminals govern us.

Who has the authority on this Earth to make one of G-d's creations illegal?

Patrick Henry

lukery said...

Thanks Patrick - I wasn't aware of some of those details.