Sunday, May 17, 2009 fundraiser is having a fundraising drive. The front page currently reads:
When Antiwar Radio started in 2007, we didn't know what to expect. Sure, we had veteran radio personality Scott Horton at the helm, but would big-shot reporters, pundits, academics, and government officials make time for an upstart Internet radio program?

They certainly have. Rep. Ron Paul, Noam Chomsky, John Cusack, Juan Cole, Frida Berrigan, Chris Floyd, Lew Rockwell, Patrick Cockburn, Andrew Bacevich, Russell Means, Scott Ritter, Philip Weiss, Lawrence Wilkerson, James Bamford, Sibel Edmonds, Robert Pape, Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Kathy Kelly… the hits keep coming.

Chalmers Johnson, author of the Blowback trilogy, says that "Antiwar Radio has been one of the few media in which power considerations and domestic U.S. politics have not had their pull on the programming and the commentator. ... Scott Horton has established a very high standard for truly original points of view on American foreign policy and critical analysis of the failures of the American establishment."

Journalist James Bovard calls Horton "one of the best-read, hardest-hitting hosts in the biz." As the Austin Chronicle put it when giving us their award for "Best Iraq War Insight and Play-by-Play":

"Antiwar Radio offers high-caliber commentary and guest interviews on the ongoing Mideast misadventure. Host Scott Horton, armed to the teeth with little-reported news and info, jettisons the pleasantries and PC radio lingo and tells listeners how it really is. As an added bonus, Horton often verbally lays waste to those seeking to prolong the billion-dollar bloodbath."

But for all its acclaim and promise, Antiwar Radio could end. If we can't pay the bills, then we'll have to start downsizing our already overworked staff.

We can't make it another quarter without your help, and we believe we've earned it. Are you willing to give up Antiwar Radio – and perhaps even more? If not, then don't delay.

Frankly, I think this pitch totally under-sells how awesome Scott actually is, but if you have some spare change, always deserves it.

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