Friday, May 29, 2009

Project Expose MSM

Over at her blog, Sibel Edmonds has announced Project Expose MSM.
I'm happy to present an experimental project, Project Expose MSM, created to provide readers with specific mainstream media blackout and/or misinformation cases based on the documented and credible first-hand experiences of legitimate sources and whistleblowers.123 Real Change is inviting all members of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), other active (covert or overt) government whistleblowers, and even reporters themselves, to publish their experiences in regard to their own first-hand dealings with the media, where their legit disclosures were either intentionally censored, blacked out or tainted.

Yes, we will be naming names -- myself included.
To launch the project, Sibel kicks off with the example of Retired Supervisory Special Agent/Covert Operations Specialist, DEA, Mike Levine.

I was interviewed by Levine in March 2007. Hour One, Hour Two. If you listen to that, you'll learn quite a bit about Mike's own case, as well as a little about Sibel's case. (The interview was at 4am my time, as usual, so I sound a little groggy.)

Levine has also interviewed Sibel when the Vanity Fair article was released - part one, two, three.

Coleen Rowley has announced that she will join the project:
"This is a good idea if only for history's sake. I've got a story involving "60 Minutes" which I'll get down and out this way."
More sunlight please.

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