Saturday, July 7, 2007

Forgotten Patriot

This Letter to the Editor was published at Buzzflash:
Subject: A Forgotten Patriot

Hey Democrats in Congress! Wake the hell up! Are you just going to continue to treat this issue as a nonissue?

Now that you Democrats have been given temporary control of Congress by we, a fed-up citizenry, we, the citizenry who put you there, demand that you answer this question: Why the hell hasn't the Sibel Edmonds 9/11 espionage/spy scandal case been brought front and center into the public spotlight, open hearings and all?

What possible reason or mealy mouth excuse do you offer up to try to justify your continued silence and lack of investigation using every power and tool at your disposal? You just continue to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist - probably hoping Sibel Edmonds will just go away or that we'll forget - to the detriment of the nation's security and the enormously generous benefit of possible traitors in (or formerly in) your midst. Are you all so compromised with your own skeletons in the closet that you'll refuse to uncover such a huge betrayal of and threat to this country?

Sibel Edmonds has tried repeatedly to get you to act like you actually give a crap that she's uncovered highly probable treason by persons at the highest levels of our government, espionage, infiltration of spies with direct U.S. military ties into our intelligence apparatus caught trying to cover up vital intelligence intercepts regarding the events of September 11, 2001, etc.

Shame on the Democratic leadership in the U.S. House and Senate. You should all be run out of town on fast horses come election day, should you not get this into open hearings under sworn testimony, get to the truth, ferret out and remove the bad guys and hold those accountable who deserve to be held accountable. Your silence on the issue equates to complicity in the cover-up. Your silence betrays your loyalties, and it clearly isn't to the U.S. Constitution, the citizenry, or any real and honorable sense of Justice that deserves to be referred to as such. Corruption is destroying this country, rotting it to the core from within, and the federal government, whether it be democratic party or republican party at the helm of the levers of power, just keeps proving that it amply deserves the complete and utter disdain that the citizens hold for it.
That's pretty straightforward.

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