Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monosyllabic Fish

I've renamed my blog 'Monosyllabic Fish' - for no good reason other than Mark Morford used the term in an SF Chron article last week.

I suspect that the name change will be temporary because 'Monosyllabic Fish' is a stupid name for a blog.

update: damien in the comments thinks that 'Monosyllabic Fish' is a stupid name and thinks that maybe we should hold a little competition to determine what the blog should be called. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments - and I may or may not take any notice of them.


damo said...

"Monosyllabic Fish" - Why not call it "6 Sibels" [6 syllables].

Seriously, I'd throw that fish back.Put up some more names and we'll have a vote. More choice, L. Cheers.

lukery said...

D - any suggestions?

damien said...

Not There >> Here
ABMS - AllByMySelf
CACA - Critical Analysis & Anal Criticism
CATO - Cake And Tea Offerings
4 More Years...
Big Red Footballs
Don't Sit There
Pablum and Palaver

I like the last one :)

damien said...

...Sorry, that should be ...ACCA - Anal Criticism & Critical Analysis. Go with whatever works for you L. You have to blog it. A picture of a fish would be nice. Here's a couple of good Aussie blogs: 1 2 3. Cheers.

Don said...
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Don said...

I'd've suggested something like this if the name wasn't now taken. I was surprised as hell it was available when I tried it. That was over a month ago and I still haven't decided what to do with it, so if anyone knows a way to transfer ownership of a blog (or delete one from a Google/Blogger profile), it's yours if you want it, Luke

Don said...

Never mind that last. Found the 'Delete Blog' button, so the offer stands. Otherwise, I'll hang onto it until I come up with something.

lukery said...

ha! thanks to both of you.

i haven't really decided exactly what the new blog will be, or even if it will be a 'blog' etc etc - so it's difficult to find an 'appropriate' name atm.

D's "Big Red Footballs" is funny (for ozzies).

priscianus jr said...

Instead of "monosyllabic fish," why not just call it "glug"? -- or "blub"? or whatever syllable it is that a fish would say?

BTW, Lukery, this is totally OT, but, anent the subject of religion, Maha says it a lot better than I ever could:

"But, whatever you think of it, religion is not going away. Religion has been with us since we’ve been a species. Many of the arguments of evolutionary biology are probably valid. And many of the arguments against religion by crusading atheists like Richard Dawkins are also valid. However, the notion that if only people could be talked out of believing in God they’d see the light of Reason and Logic is, um, fanciful."
'This takes us back to the quote by Eric Hoffer at the beginning of this post. “It was the temporal sword that made Christianity a world religion,” Hoffer says.

'But in another part of the same passage, Hoffer also wrote (in 1951) “The threat of communism at present does not come from the forcefulness of its preaching but from the fact that it is backed by one of the mightiest armies on earth.” It isn’t just religion that is spread by sword and gun. Remove religion as an excuse, and mankind will find more excuses.'
-- and much more.

lukery said...

Thanks Priscianus Jr - I always loves me some Maha.

And thanks for teaching me a new word (anent)

oldschool said...

I gotta say that I like damien's WotDidITellU, for the symmetry, progession, and *truth* therein.

lukery said...

how about 'Foreign & Domestic'?