Sunday, July 29, 2007

bad or good?

I've either been a bad or good 'ex'-blogger... depending on your perspective.

There are a bunch of things that i 'should' be ranting about - I'm trying to err on the side of 'not blogging'.

Sibel gave a speech to the American Library Association recently - the whole thing can be see here (500 meg)- I'll be doing a highlight reel - with comment - as soon as I can master the art of video-editing.

Sibel was apparently mentioned in Mueller's testimony on Thursday. The transcript is supposed to be here. I'll have more when the context is available. Apparently:
"Mueller has promised to take action to make sure that whistleblowers will be protected, mentioning Sibel Edmonds (!!!)"
Yada yada.

Stay tuned.


damien said...

You've logged the blogging miles, L. You need to prove nothing. Blog as you please. It will always be appreciated.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks for the video, Luke.

I can't get over that presenter at the beginning, just blabbing all those state secrets such as Sibel's education and language ability. I mean, he actually named the languages! Shocking, SHOCKING!

Good thing he didn't mention her birthday. That would be going way over the top and probably would have precipitated a visit by federal storm troopers--uh, I mean heavily armed law enforcement officials enforcing state secrets privilege.

lukery said...

thnx d. you reckon i've got some credit in my frequentflyer account?

mizgin - you are right. soon the librarians will come under suspicion for not complying with the NSLs... oh, wait!