Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Blogger Vineyardsaker interviewed Mizgin.

Everything you wanted to know about Kurds but were afraid to ask. Here.


Mizgîn said...

Thank you, Luke.

Anonymous said...

why are you giving a platform for these terrorists. The pkk is a terrorist organization responsible for thens of thousands of dead in Turkey. Mizgin is a pkk supporter, he is a coward and hiding behind a computer. He claims that south east Turkey is "northern" kurdistan, a nation that never existed in history. By his definition south west USA is "occupied" northen Mexico and Australia an "occupied" aborigine nation.


lukery said...

Orrin - I count Mizgin as a friend, and a great blogger.

Anonymous said...

You can count him a friend but that does not take away that he is a pkk supporting blogger, who whitewashes the terrorist activities by the pkk.
As much as he supports the pkk I support my nation and its struggle to keep Turkey in one part.I will always regard them as terrorists.



Hey Mr Anonymous who wrote about "you giving a platform for these terrorists".
First keep in mind that your terrorist is somebody else's freedom fighter. Second, keep in mind that Turkey can hardly be called non-terroristic in light of the methods they use against the Kurds. And, most importantly, YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND ANYONE, including a presumed "terrorist" unless you hear him/her out. Even if you do not agree with the PKK, simply hating it without understanding why people are not only willing to kill, but also to die for its values just makes no sense.
Last but not least, any democracy needs a true pluralism of opinions and access to different voices.
Unanimity is great for goose-stepping, not for thinking.