Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brewster Jennings

Some people seem to think that the Brewster Jennings revelations from today's testimony are very surprising.

I wrote about it in a 'review' post in March 2007 on the eve of Valerie Plame's senate testimony (I'm not sure when I first wrote about it.)

The story also appeared in the UK's Times in Jan 08 in an article called "Tip-off thwarted nuclear spy ring probe" (tho it has since disappeared from their website)


Metem said...

I can see the article and it still mentions the tip off, though it doesn't name Grossman. Are you saying it did originally?

lukery said...

No - they didnt name Grossman - but I can guarantee that they were referring to him.

IIRC Giraldi mentioned it in a subsequent article at American Conservative - even if he was only quoting me.

I repeat - I can guarantee that they were referring to Grossman.

cometman said...


I've been following this story for several years thanks to your extensive research. There are a lot of players involved and many twists and turns already. At the risk of confusing things even further, I was wondering if you've heard of the story that broke last year about the lobbyist Stephen Payne. I've been looking into that story and found a few things that may or may not be related to Sibel Edmonds' case and wondered if you thought there might be anything to it. I wrote a post about it here at my blog and did more digging in the comments. The thing that stuck out to me was that Payne was donating money to the same Turkish PAC that comes up in Edmonds' case. Waxman promised an investigation of Payne much like he promised that Edmonds would be allowed to testify and nothing has come of either. Waxman is a member of the Congressional Turkish caucus.

I'd be interested if you have any thoughts on this.

Metem said...

I never doubted that's who they were referring to. By the way. Turns out Mark Geragos was on Geraldo live last night, but only to talk about Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. How fucking sick is that? We live in a world where a man who knows what he knows can go on live television, a live 'news' show no less, and talk about Britney Spears.

lukery said...

Cometman - no, I don't know whether the cases are related.

lukery said...


It's just ridiculous. I don't know what else to say.

Kingfisher said...


With regard to the media, mainstream and otherwise; what’s news here? This material has been covered before if not incompletely; these are not new allegations, nor is Sibel Edmonds new to the news cycle. As of Saturday to now the story is that Sibel was deposed, and that reportedly she spoke about allegations that have already been aired.

Neither Sibel’s transcript, video, or prepared statement has been released yet. Little is new, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see any of it.

I don’t like excusing the media and I’m certain there are efforts to downplay this story, but I for now I believe this criticism is misplaced.


lukery said...

KF - yes - let's hope that there is some 'news' when the transcript is released.

OTOH, the media has never reported on any of this, not when I reported it, or David Rose, or anyone else, so (for them) to dismiss it as 'old news' is disingenuous.

Kingfisher said...

David Rose and The Sunday Times are the media.

Metem said...

Yeah I realize some of it is old news. The part about the nuclear black market and the part about Hastert. But other parts although they were covered by in alternative media a bit and by bloggers (like luke) were not covered by any mainstream source. And even if we count David Rose and the Sunday Times as mainstream it's still true that a story like this should have been explosive and the rest of the media should have picked up on the story and carried it every night on television ad nauseum like the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But they didn't. Because nuclear black markets being run out of our government seems a lot more important than a presidential blow job to me.