Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Interview

Sibel gave an interview to Electric Politics last week (75 minutes).

Mizgin has an overview here.

Sibel made a few important points. I might be able to highlight some of them with a partial transcript next week.


Kathy W. said...

(welcome back!)

lukery said...

thanks kathy.

Anonymous said...

i came here to see if there was any news about your work with Sibel because of all this stuff out about Rep. Jane Harman and AIPAC...

i listened to the interview -- she mentions Larry Franklin, AIPAC -- the folks being mentioned in Harman's investigation!

find out more from Sibel and post a diary on Daily Kos, lukery! ;-)

(sc kitty)

lukery said...

SC - there are lots of similarities, and lessons, but no direct connection.

Anonymous said...

thank you, Lukery ;-)

i bet she could help, though!

-- sc kitty