Monday, June 1, 2009

John Kerry + Doug Frantz = Zero

Sibel recently made fun of John Kerry, and rightly so.

Nonetheless, Bloomberg is reporting:
(John Kerry) is wielding his gavel with an investigative zeal, and plans to take on Iran’s nuclear program, gun-running on the Mexican border, terrorism, narcotics and human trafficking, all through the prism of money laundering. He has hired a former investigative reporter, an ex-CIA agent and a one-time managing director of Bear Stearns Cos. LLC to help him.

“There are lots of big pieces out there that depend on money moving,” he said in an interview in his office in the Senate, where he is serving his 24th year.
If he wants to be a hero, good on him. I look forward to some actual evidence. I doubt I'll see it. If he needs some help, he can call me.

Given Kerry's history, he needs to either knock it out of the ballpark, or stay at home. On the positive side, I can't imagine why he might even take this on unless he really wants to solve some problems. I can't imagine him impressing me - but at least his mandate does.


Anonymous said...

You need to go back and do more research on Senator Kerry-he has done big investigations in the past only to be overruled by more senior members of Congress. Kerry is a true patriot, this time he has the power to push back and see these investigiation through.

As for the mention of duck hunting in another piece- fyi, Senator Kerry is in fact a pleasure hunter-much to the dislike of many of his supporters. Having someone else carry your prey doesn't mean you don't participate in the sport. That is like saying golfer who have caddies don't really play golf.

lukery said...

Anon - I hope you are correct and that this goes somewhere.

(I can't imagine I ever said anything about duck-hunting??)

Anonymous said...

The "duck" comment was directed at Sibel's recent commenatary in which the hunting PR was mentioned.

Kingfisher said...

lukery said...

thnx KF