Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Coming Balkan Caliphate

Chris Deliso has a new book "The Coming Balkan Caliphate - The Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West"

For 2 great interviews that Chris did with Sibel, see, interview, 7/04 and
interview, 8/05

The Balkans--the gateway between East and West--are also Europe's soft underbelly, a rough neighborhood where organized crime and terrorism present a constant threat. This eye-opening book details how 15 years of misguided Western interventions, political scheming, and local mafia appeasement, compounded by a massive infusion of Arab cash, fundamentalist Islamic preaching and mosque-building have allowed radical Islamic groups to fill in the cracks between internal ethnic and religious schisms and take root in key areas of the Balkans.

Endorsement From David Binder, New York Times Central and Eastern European correspondent, 1961-2004.
Anyone imagining that Moslem extremists must be seen as a threat only east of Suez should read Chris Deliso's alarming accounts of their activities in parts of the Balkans made vulnerable by wars and poverty.

Endorsement From Scott Taylor, award-winning Canadian war reporter and publisher, Esprit de Corps Magazine
Chris Deliso is a veteran field reporter and one of the foremost experts on the Balkans. Unlike many of the mainstream 'parachute' journalists who drop in every time a new violent crisis erupts, Deliso lives in the region and therefore better understands the dynamics and political intrigues. This book presents a compelling glimpse into the much overlooked spread of radical Islam throughout the former Yugoslavia. A must-read for those who have prematurely declared the international intervention in the Balkans a "success story".

Endorsement From Sibel Edmonds, Former FBI translator and founder, National Security Whistleblowers Coalition
Christopher Deliso provides critical insight into the hypocrisy of Western policy towards the Balkans, now an epicenter for European heroin distribution and processing and a conduit for illegal arms sales, both of which provide financing that sustains global terrorism. This book should be required reading for all members of the U.S. foreign policy establishment.

Endorsement From Nebojsa Malic, Balkan Affairs columnist,
Incisive, well-researched and thought-provoking, Christopher Deliso presents a must-read account of how Islamic fundamentalism arrived in the Balkans, and the threat it portends for the future.

Author Information:
CHRISTOPHER DELISO, an American journalist and travel writer based in the Balkans, has been investigating radical Islamic trends in the region for the past six years, in the process discovering emerging threats and groups that had been obscurely or completely unknown to the outside world. Deliso, who holds a master's degree in Byzantine Studies from Oxford University, is director of, a leading independent Balkan news web site. He also serves as field analyst for the Economics Intelligence Unit, London, on Macedonian politics. His freelance articles on Balkan politics, economics, and security issues have been published widely in the mainstream and alternative media in America and abroad.


starroute said...

Not completely on topic, but I wanted to direct your attention to a new group called Center for a New American Security that was being discussed yesterday at Democratic Underground. Founded by a couple of CSIS folks -- Kurt Campbell, and Michele Flournoy -- the board includes everyone from Richard Armitage to Madeleine Albright.

So not only does it sound like more of the same old interventionist crap -- though with a relatively bipartisan flavor -- but when I checked out Campbell and Flournoy, I found that a book they wrote in 2001, described as "informed by the work of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Task Force on Terrorism," boasted recommendations from both Brent Scowcroft and William Cohen among the half-dozen back cover quotes.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

DU thread

calipendence said...

Hope that they can work to allow for more of Deliso's article references not to be censored, since he publishes most of hem through, which they ban currently, presumably because some writer somewhere wrote something that was anti-semitic, but without details its hard to know if it was truely anti-semitic, or just anti-AIPAC, which has been conflated by some to mean the same thing.

calipendence said...

I was referring to Democratic Underground in my previous post, not Center for New American Security.

notjonathon said...

Nice to see you settled in your new digs, Luke. I'll be checking in to see how you're doing from time to time.

Maybe Balkanization is a good idea for the former United States--something along the lines of Heinlein's division in Friday. Would keep us out of so many foreign wars, anyway, and it would allow the East and West Coasts to prosper at the expense of the poor nations in the parched (result of global warming) heartland.

lukery said...

starroute, thanks, and nice to see you.

calipendence - i can't tell you how much that drives me mad.

notjonathon - good to see you, too. yeah, balkanisation seems like a great idea. i remember reading, not too long ago, that having a sole superpower would give us endless peace and prosperity.


WildBill said...

Lukery, there you are! Hello, wildbill here. Haven't seen your posts on DU lately.
Take care,